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We will take you through the TallOrder Point of Sale system and show you how we can make a difference to your business!

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At TallOrder Solutions we are constantly innovating. Read through the latest builds, features, updates, and improvements of TallOrder POS.

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TallOrder improves your overall POS experience

We’re all about SPEED and ACCURACY. A fast and efficient Point of Sale increases business revenue, lowers costs and provides customers with a satisfying experience, making them happy AND your company pretty popular.

TallOrder Speed

Speed drives faster service, which opens up doors to upselling and allowing additional items to the customer’s bill or cart. Speedy service means your customers are not left waiting long. Three cheers for an innovative POS that ensures that orders get out in no time!

TO Time Icon Quick Service
TO Happy Icon Happy Customers
TO Profit Icon Return Revenue

TallOrder Accuracy

An innovative Point Of Sale that prides itself in being easy to use means that there’s little room for making mistakes when placing orders. Correct orders can only lead to happy, returning customers and a business that works on profit, not loss.

TO Service IconEfficient Service
TO Mistakes IconFewer Mistakes
TO Satisfaction IconCustomer Satisfaction

We continue to provide only the best, most innovative POS software to our happy customers!

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