2021 work from home resolutions

We made it through 2020! Working from home/ remote working has become the norm. Due to the general anxiety of 2020, many people are still dreading the 2021 work from home lifestyle. The beginning of the new year gives us permission to start fresh and regain the energy we had at the beginning of 2020. Here are some handy 2021 work from home resolutions:

Organise your home office!

Even though we all know how important this aspect is, many of us start our day by moving documents, old cups, and other junk to the side on our desk. Every evening when you finish your workday, clean and organise your office space so that you don’t have to stress about it in the morning. Having a clean and organised home office space also makes it easier to separate your workspace from your personal time. Having a dedicated space for work makes the work-life balance a lot easier. Remember that, since we are all working from home, much of our work life takes place digitally. Make sure that your digital workspace is also organised. Delete old emails and organise files and folders to make sure that you can quickly access everything you need digitally.

Plan ahead and stick to a routine.

Having a great morning routine can make all the difference in achieving goals, feeling organized, and being productive. Make sure that you make time for meals and that you plan what you will be having for lunch and snacks properly. Unplanned meals can often lead to over or under-eating during the day or resorting to eating junk food. Without the handy office water cooler, you may also be neglecting your water intake. Make sure that you drink enough water throughout the day and that you take regular breaks. Use an app on your phone that reminds you to get up and stretch every half hour.

Also, set a “clock-off” time for yourself. If your workday ends at 5 pm, set an alarm so you do not work late. Establish boundaries in your schedule for work and rest by breaking your day into balanced chunks of productivity and downtime. Turn off your laptop punctually and ignore the temptation of working beyond office hours.

Upskill yourself.

It is important to never stop learning! During our busy workdays, we often forget to work on our personal and professional development. Without the daily commute to an office, you may have a little more time to prioritise these aspects of your life. Online courses are in abundance now and are a great way to learn about a variety of topics. Whatever sparks your interest, learning a new skill or refining existing ones will ensure you reach your full potential in 2021. This is also a great time to network online with professionals in your industry and to learn from like-minded individuals.

Connect with your team.

Working from home can often be quite lonely and demotivating. Make time to connect with co-workers, friends, and family virtually—even if it’s for a few minutes. Communicating with your team also helps there to be fewer misunderstandings and mistakes. Check-in with your teammates. Many of them may also be struggling and would appreciate a chat with a colleague. Celebrate your team’s big and small victories and organise regular virtual meetups.

Prioritise wellness.

When working from home it is often difficult to separate yourself from your work. Make sure that you schedule breaks for yourself. With the WFH lifestyle, it’s easy to sit at your computer for hours on end but getting up from your desk and moving around will allow you to recharge and improve your overall work performance. Set time aside for exercise and mindful rest so that you do not become burnt out before the year has even properly started. Talk to your manager about your workload, spearhead a wellness initiative, or work to develop friendships within your office (or virtual office) In 2021, make deliberate attempts to ensure your mind and body are getting the rest they badly need.

2020 has taught us that many things are beyond our control, but in 2021 there are a few easy aspects of working from home that you can control. Hopefully, these resolutions can give you a good jumping-off point for a successful 2021!

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