Meet our TallOrder POS client, EVERT Restaurant.

Celebrate your heritage in style!

Situated in the quiet community of Evertsdal, EVERT Restaurant has truly become a local landmark.

Veterans in the hospitality industry, co-owner Willi and Ronel Botha, could see the potential in the Evertsdal Opstal property and invested in it. Little did they know that barely a few months after making that decision, that a global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns would put their restaurant opening plans on hold.
Instead of giving up, the team at Evert adapted by converting their restaurant layout to cater to a deli and managed to open officially on 27 May 2020, despite the lockdown.

The community loved it! People who were stuck at home ventured out to try the Evert deli rather than heading to commercial grocery stores. It became clear that the community wanted to support local; an aspect that is also important to Willi and Ronel. They filled their deli with many locally sourced products and wares.

When the lockdown restrictions were lifted and people started returning to their previous shopping habits, Evert once again evolved and opened as a full-time restaurant. Never fear the deil remains, with an added bar section! Despite constantly evolving and updating, Evert aims for consistency and quality. No matter what they are doing, they want to deliver the same level of quality and style to everything that they offer to their customers.

For Willi and Ronel, client satisfaction, atmosphere and heritage are also very important. Situated on the original Evertsdal Opstal property, itself is brimming with history. Originally the property was bought by Abraham Evert, who was brought to the Cape as a slave from West Guinea. It was then purchased by the then Governor, Jan van Riebeeck himself, who later set Evert free and gave him the right, as a Free Burgher, to farm on his own account. Evert acquired the farm, and built a fortified building with koffieklip and clay, the remains of which can still be seen today. In 1699 Evert sold his property to Hendrik Eksteen, who built the first homestead and other buildings on the property before selling it in 1724.

Just like their namesake, the team at Evert Restaurant persevered and despite the obstacles in their way they have come out on top.
The TallOrder team has worked with Willi and Ronel from the beginning of Evert Restaurant and we are proud to evolve alongside them. Here’s to many more years working together.

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