How to host festive season promotions at your restaurant

The festive season is a great time for the hospitality industry. After two years of uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are looking for a sense of normalcy and celebration. People will be more willing to spend cash over the holidays, and thus there is a huge opportunity for restaurants to maximize revenue.

Here are some tips on how restaurants can run festive season promotions:

Make it worthwhile for guests and make it festive

The important thing to remember is to offer value to the customer. You are not only competing with other restaurants but also with homemade meals. Customers who have decided to spend Christmas at a restaurant want to have an experience that outshines anything that they would be able to do themselves.

A well-planned Christmas menu is an excellent way to drive direct reservations. Draw on festive classic meals but put your restaurant’s own unique spin on it. Set menus that are advertised early or with ticket sales can help guests know exactly what to expect.

Make sure that your menu and décor embraces the festive spirit. Put up decorations and offer festive cocktails or drinks. Train your staff to offer seasonal upsells, such as a pre-dinner glass of champagne or an after-dinner port or coffee.

Consider out-of-the-box events

While many people may be drawn to a more traditional Christmas meal or experience, this should not stop you from being creative with your plans. If you have the capacity, think about hosting a number of events leading up to Christmas. For example, you could host seasonal cooking classes, wine tastings or invite kids for decoration making sessions. If you would like to, perhaps offer alternative menus that embrace a diversity of cultures and food experiences that do not merely rely on Christmas classics.

Many people may feel a bit more generous during the festive season. You could host a charity event at your restaurant. Arrange that a certain percentage of the proceeds of that night be given to a charity of your choice.
Some people may still be a bit hesitant about venturing out for Christmas, so it would be a good idea to offer customers ready-made festive meals or full catering services.

Promote it widely and wisely

Make sure that you promote your Christmas menu early enough to guarantee direct reservations. Maximize booking conversions by creating a branded booking widget on your website that easily allows guests to see availability and make reservations online. Get creative on social media platforms and drive customers to your booking widget or landing page.
Another great way to guarantee reservations is to offer gift cards or vouchers to your Christmas events. Make sure to let your loyal customers know in advance about all your festive promotions.

Make sure that your restaurant is prepared

Hosting a festive meal may be very lucrative for your restaurant but if you are not prepared properly, you may leave guests feeling disappointed. Hire seasonal staff if you need to and ensure that they are properly trained. Make sure that your inventory is properly stocked with all the ingredients that you would need for a festive menu. Lastly, make sure that your restaurant’s operations run smoothly. One way to ensure this is to embrace the very best technology, such as TallOrder Point of Sale. TallOrder is a fully-integrated Cloud-based Point of Sale Solution that is easy-to-use and which has a number of exciting features that can help you ease holiday stress.

TallOrder POS is ideal for all restaurants, with features such as Smart Reporting, Payment integrations, Online & Offline Capabilities and Inventory Management.

In conclusion

While the holiday season might look a little different this year, restaurants can still offer their guests a special festive experience. Make it worthwhile, think out of the box, promote wisely and make sure that your restaurant is prepared. If you follow these tips your restaurant will be a hit this festive season.

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