2021 Festive Season Trends for Retailers to Consider

Retailers know that the year-end holiday season is the retail industry’s busiest, and often most profitable, time of the year. With Christmas around the corner, customers will be scrambling to get their holiday shopping done and retailers should be ready to cash in. 2021, as with 2020, was a unique year for the retail industry. Here are some of the 2021 festive retail trends that retailers should consider:

Holiday Season Shopping to Start Earlier In 2021

Similarly, to 2020, consumers are predicted to start their festive season much earlier than before. With some consumers having even started in October already! Consumers are still wary of crowded shopping malls and stores and would prefer to get their Christmas shopping done much earlier.

Make sure your in-store and online displays are visible in a timely manner. Consider offering promotions and discounts earlier in the year and make sure that you have enough stock. By catering for the early shoppers, you can get a sense of which products will be popular this festive season and you can stock accordingly.

Customers Are Moving Away from Big Online Marketplaces

While online shopping and buying from eCommerce sites are still the dominant way to shop, more shoppers have started to purchase from small businesses instead of large corporations. A recent Sitecore survey shows that 38 percent of consumers say they would feel “lazy” purchasing their holiday gifts from large eCommerce marketplaces and are planning ahead to avoid doing this in 2021. Customers in 2021 would rather spend their money on sentimental and personalised gifts.

Smaller retailers should focus on improving their digital presence as well as considering an omnichannel approach, with eCommerce and delivery options. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Shopping from mobile phones is already commonplace, and it is expected to become even more important this year. Use browsing and shopping data to offer personalized product recommendations and offer promotions.

Products That Provide “Comfort” And Convenience

The Covid-19 pandemic has altered the way in which many people across the globe live their daily lives. More and more consumers are drawn to buying and, thus gifting to loved ones, products that provide a sense of comfort in these uncertain times. With so many occasions to gather and feast during the holiday season, food-related products are going to be a hit. The pandemic and working from home trends have forced more consumers to pay more attention to their homes and thus will be spending more on home décor and comfort.

Consumers in 2021 will also be drawn to a sense of nostalgia and tradition. Thanks to the pandemic, consumers are aware things may change radically, so they are actively investing in what makes the festive season special – be it spending time with their families and taking part in their own family traditions.

To get the most out of this festive season consumers will also be drawn to convenience. Instead of waiting in long queues, they would like streamlined delivery processes to pick-up options and retailers must be prepared. Naturally in 2021 consumers will also have higher expectations of the comfort and cleanliness of a store.

Focus On Sustainability and Local Products

Consumers are becoming increasingly more mindful about where products come from, with more and more choosing to purchase eco-friendly and sustainable products. This includes considerations of the supply chain of products and where materials for products come from. As a result, more consumers would like to buy from smaller, local producers.

More and more consumers will be finding local brands on social media and ordering directly from those accounts. Consequently, low prices will once again dominate this holiday season as shoppers hunt for the best deals online amidst economic instability. DIY (Do It Yourself) and thrifted products will also be very popular in the 2021 festive season.

In Conclusion

Smaller, local businesses have had an especially trying time during the pandemic. Only time will tell how the upcoming holiday season will go. Prepare by covering your bases as much as possible. Prepare early for an influx of customers, embrace an omnichannel channel approach, focus on comfort products and, lastly, think about the sustainable impact of your products.

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