TallOrder’s Hardware Integrations

A quality POS needs quality hardware integrations. That is why TallOrder has teamed up with a several hardware partners to expanse the ways your POS can benefit your business!

Sureswipe Integration


Our Point of Sale fully integrates with the Sureswipe Move card reader! With this latest TallOrder and Sureswipe’s integration your business can accept payments from card-carrying customers with ease and not miss out on future sales!

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Yoco Integration


Yoco devices allow small businesses to facilitate card payments by attaching a small card reader device to their smartphone or tablet. This collaboration between TallOrder and Yoco can provide business owners with a full solution that can process transactions quickly and efficiently. This makes transactions and payments more convenient for both business owners and their customers.

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ThumbzUp Integration


Thumbzup was founded to make card payments easy. Our combination of technologies and services provide retailers with a cutting-edge mobile business platform. The Payment Blade offers an enterprise mobility and innovation platform to the retail and services markets. POS vendors, such as  TallOrder POS, are integral to Thumbzup’s Payment Blade platform strategy.

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FreePaid Integration


With TallOrder and FreePaid you can offer your customers free Wifi in-store. Simply Plug and Play and provide your customers with a space where they can be constantly connected. Our High Speed LTE devices provide fast Wifi, not matter where you business is located. FreePaid allows you to display quick full screen, branded ads to customers when they connect. Update and customise these ads any time you want. Become a Free Wifi Zone with TallOrder and FreePaid.

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We continue to provide only the best, most innovative POS software to all our happy customers!

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