Hotel trends to expect in 2022

Having suffered more than many other sectors during the pandemic, the travel and tourism industry is slowly starting to see a rise in travel interest. Maintaining the necessary precautions, hotels, and travel agencies are back at it again – offering guests luxury escapes after their lockdown experiences. Although the travel industry is still in recovery mode, there are clear indicators that travel will continue to rebound in 2022. People will be travelling to make up for their lost vacation time.

Here are 4 Hotel trends to expect in 2022:

Digitisation and smart facilities

Modern travellers are mostly quite tech-savvy and hotels cannot ignore their consumers’ modern and hi-tech needs. By digitising various aspects of your hotel, you can give your guest an overall convenient and luxurious experience. Offer guests smart check-in options via mobile apps, which also ensures a contactless check-in process. Smart parking, which allows guests to digitally book parking spots, or smart room service options that provide guests with digital menus on their phones, boost what a hotel has to offer guests! Digital keys, in-room entertainment, Virtual Reality (VR), robotics, “contactless” technology, and the internet of things (IoT) will drive customers to hotels.


Travellers around the world are more environmentally aware than ever before and hotels must adapt to keep up. Initiatives such as energy and waste management, reducing water consumption, developing a sustainable supply chain, smart fleet management and introducing electric vehicles, will all trend significantly in 2022.

Cloud Computing and Automation

Hotel personnel can use cloud computing to coordinate their systems in real-time and update the software on the go. Guest data can be stored and utilized for future visits. For example, regular guests may have specific requirements that can be safely stored on the Cloud. Furthermore, cloud technology’s data security and secure login make it an excellent alternative for hotels.

Many operational automations can be managed through the hotel’s property management system (PMS). The hotel PMS can do much more than simply manage rooms and rates; it serves as the central hub to customize the hotel’s assets and guest touchpoints. Automation of operations can help staff to better cater to guests and fulfil their needs. By automating operations, the hotel will function more efficiently and safely, which will save staff time and expenses.

The boom of staycations, “bleasure”, and solo trips

The Covid-19 pandemic also greatly impacted guest behaviour. With more and more people being forced to or choosing to work from home, “bleasure” (Business and pleasure) trips are starting to become very popular. People are experimenting with their work settings by travelling to new locations and working from there. Hotels should adapt to accommodate remote workers, for example, by investing in WIFI for every room. For many people, getting away and travelling serves as a great stress reliever and the reality of everyday life. More and more people in 2022 will be embracing solo travel to escape the stresses of the pandemic.

Similarly, for many people, international travel is not accessible so they would rather take a staycation. Stay-cation can refer to short trips to areas close to your home or within your hometown. The pandemic has given many people a new appreciation of the local cultures and sites around them and thus local, domestic tourism will be on the rise in 2022.

These are some of the notable hotel trends expected to emerge in 2022. Despite the challenging last two years the hotel and tourism industry need to keep guest services top of mind to fully recover.

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