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Capital Software – Silicon Enterprise

Silicon Enterprise is our next-generation, high-availability, scalable, durable and secure platform, delivered via our cloud platform hosted on AWS Enterprise, which includes the following technologies:

  • The SiliconEnterprise Card Management System;
  • The SiliconEnterprise Wallet Technology
  • The SiliconEnterprise Messenging Switch for Multi-Messaging Platforms such as WhatsApp etc
  • SiliconEnterprise API
  • SiliconEnterprise Blockchain API

The SiliconEnterprise Wallet Platform is a comprehensive bank wallet capable of operating large wallet programs and enabling functionalities which include cash-in, load, P2P transfer, cash-out. The platform is capable of operating in online mode, offline mode and hybrid mode. It can operate using a number of form factors which include NFC card, QR Code or Tag.

The SiliconCapital Network Messenger Switch: The Silicon Network Access Point (SNAP) is a technology that operates in a similar way to Visa Access Points (VAP) or Mastercard Interface Processor (MIP) but for customer messaging.  This enables clients to access our messenger API for client communications via various channels.

SiliconEnterprise API is a single API which provides a range of banking and financial transaction services which are delivered via our cloud platform hosted on AWS Enterprise.  This enables scalability, durability and security within a PCI DSS environment.

SiliconEnterprise Blockchain API enable connection to block chain platforms for the delivery of payment, settlement and smart contract and other use cases.

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