How a POS system minimizes staff training and increases staff productivity while reducing staff errors

The previous two years have been exceptionally difficult for businesses. Employees have had a lot to deal with, including COVID-19 lockdowns, social isolation, persistent supply chain challenges, and consumer frustrations.

And as the “Great Resignation” and other labour trends continue to change, hiring has become extremely challenging for many businesses. One of the most frequent causes of small businesses failing has always been hiring and retaining employees.

Businesses now place even higher importance on employee retention than usual – but your efforts will only be as successful as the resources you have to support them. To make sure they aren’t unintentionally causing your retention problems, take a closer look at the tools and platforms that your staff use.

The point of sale (POS) system for your company is probably one of, if not the most important, tools in your employees’ daily lives and may require staff training.

The TallOrder POS system can benefit your staff by:

Improved Employee Management

It could be difficult to maximize staff time without specific data. You can view sales per employee, their hours worked, and sales per time slot using a POS system, such as TallOrder. Using this data, you can determine which employees are performing well and those who are not, as well as when the store is busiest. Having this knowledge would make creating timetables and maximizing employee floor time simpler.

Quick Payment Methods Improve Employee Productivity

A point of sale allows for faster payments. Once the salesperson selects the items the consumer wants to buy, the technology sets the price automatically. The invoice can be sent via email or printed right away with a receipt printer. Depending on the terminal and integrations, customers can pay with cash, a credit card, or a debit card. This makes it quick and easy for the customer to complete the purchase. With a point-of-sale, customers spend substantially less time waiting to finish transactions.

Enhances employee accuracy

Your sales staff and cashiers will have instant access to all the information they require with a point-of-sale system that has an intuitive touchscreen interface. It does away with entering items and prices by hand like you would with a cash register. Point-of-sale technology improves accuracy throughout your entire organization with real-time data. removing the need to upload or manually enter data into back-office systems, therefore lowering the risk of human mistakes.

Facilitate Training Processes with an Easy-to-Use System

People get the impression that using a point-of-sale system is really difficult. In fact, deploying the first POS systems from a few decades ago required considerable (and costly) worker training since they were so difficult for employees to operate. Experience at the point of sale quickly became sought-after in prospective store personnel. They require point-of-sale (POS) systems that offer a complete set of POS features while being as user-friendly and portable as a smartphone app. A skilled worker is less likely to make mistakes in real-world situations. Less administration and more time to focus on what matters result from a user-friendly system.

Improves overall communication

The secret to successful business management is communication. Ineffective communication might result in delayed table turns, order inconsistencies, and other problems that could negatively affect the client experience. The TallOrder POS system facilitates effective communication regarding table management, delivery services, etc., keeping the front and back of the house in harmony. All of this contributes to the development of a stronger team and maximized client satisfaction.

Intelligent Backend Solution

Staff members can easily and quickly enter orders and purchases thanks to TallOrder’s clever backend system. Orders may be completed in record time because of the easy user interface, which helps prevent errors and promotes upselling.

24/7 Staff Support system

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